Celine Croze

Celine Croze is a visual artist born in Morocco and based in Paris with a background in cinema. Sensitive to the cracks that our society is going through, Celine uses photography to transgress the world she’s looking at. She uses eminences and bodies as territories. She draws on her cinema and fictional writing background a view of the hidden world, beyond the limits we live and see. Shadows and light, the inner duality of the human being become a kind of pure human quest. Her various works as a photographer and video artist were presented at the Billboard Festival in Casablanca (2015), the Marrakech Biennale in 2016, the Paraguay Biennale: El ojo Salvaje – 2018, the Tangier Photography Foundation 2019. His Dummy Book “Nothing Happened” was also selected for Dummy Award Photobook of Kassel and the Fuam Dummy Book Award from Istanbul in 2018. In 2019, she’s the winner of the Festival In Cadaqués with « SQEVNV » and the Revelation Price between Festival Map and Face à la mer with the same series. In 2020, she’s the laureate of le Prix Mentor.