The Revealed Mysterie

a cura di / curated by Davide Di Maggio

ANNO 2015

WeGallery is pleased to present the exhibition “India -The Reaveled Mysteries”. India is considered as being country full of contrasts and contradictions, with a lively mixture of races and languages, religions and traditions that have survived for centuries, remaining closed off and almost impenetrable to the rest of the world. Indias „mysteries” will be revealed in this exhibition, which was created in order to provide a deep insight into Indian culture through the works of great contemporary artists, while dissolving every boundary of geography and history, merging the traditional and the contemporary of Indian art.
The presented artworks offer an amazing variety, showing Subodh Gupta with „Black Think”- which doesn't want to conform to the reigning consumerism, Ravinder Reddy's „Head”- an iconic and totemic caricature of female power, A. Balasubramaniam with „Energy Field”- sensing reality into question, perceiving the invisible through the visible, Anita Dube's „Void connudrum”- visual poetry, Baba Anand with playful collages, referencing Indian culture with the concept that life must be lived as an artwork, Bharat Sikka - deep human introspections, that describe a cross section of Indian metropolitan life, Krishnaraj Chonat „The Coracle”- a fragile Indian dream of luxury ostentation against hunger and degradation, N. Pushpamala- expression of a popular culture that is now disappearing, and Shilpa Gupta – with an installation dedicated to religion against intolerance.
Exhibition curated by Jagoda Lagiewska & Davide Di Maggio.
From 8th February through 14th March 2015 Opening: 7 February 2015, 6 pm - 9 pm